April 18, 2014

Marketing Content in the Social Internet

Posted on June 28, 2010 by in PR & Marketing

I was reading a really interesting article by Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer earlier today, regarding how he sees content as the driving force behind website traffic traffic and associated success. If anyone is in a position to judge, it is Jason: one of the big-earning bloggers leading the charge on social media marketing.

Jason puts it thus: “Because relatively few businesses have crossed the threshold from just blogging to developing content strategies, I see a big opportunity for content providers and promoters in the coming years. The easier brands can provide content (even if they, themselves, don’t create it) and distribute it, driving links, eyeballs and the like, the more successful they’ll be in the social realm.”

The case is made for smart advertorial, where the pitch is present, but woven into a worthwhile mass of advice and other content. The combined effect of this engaging cleverness makes purchasing the website’s products a no-brainer for the entertained reader.

My picture tells the story of unfulfilled sales through lack of content. This dog-loving gallery owner takes her Jack Russell to Venice in the floods and gets pictures of him in his inflatable boat. She then puts his picture in the Murano Glass frames she sells, to help push the product. Is this A1 content online? Away from here: no. If it was, with the stories available to back it up and links to the Buy It Now buttons, she’d be a millionaire.

This established marketing method: unpressured advertorial building a subliminal need in the reader for engagement with a business by buying products or services, is what Mighty Motor Media is already doing for its existing car dealer/independent marque specialist client base. We can do it for you, too.

Smart, snappy advice pieces which link to purchase or service ideas within your business will encourage customers to buy from you. It’s essentially the face-to-face relationship-building role of the saleman moved online: talk about everything but the product, up until it finds an organic space in the conversation.

Here’s a fact: business websites are only worth the traffic they pull in. If your website is doing no business, it’s acting like the black-out windows on a strip club: nobody is seeing what your business has to offer. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen to you is to make a place where people want to come and then market the living daylights out of it, direct to the target audience. Here is our specialty: regularly updated, interesting content written specifically for the target market, creating needs our clients can then link to fulfil.

If this all sounds like pure common sense, it is. If you’re not doing it because you don’t know where to start, get in touch with us today. Grab those customers before your competition does – we’re pitching exactly the same ideas to them.