April 21, 2014

Volkswagen T1 Van Doka Wanted for UK Promo

Posted on March 19, 2012 by in PR & Marketing

My apologies! This is not Porsche, but it comes from a Porsche connection and I can’t refuse good friends an urgent favour. It looks like it could be fun, not to mention a nice little earner and potential promo opportunity for a VW business.

My friends’ email requests urgent help in finding a vehicle for a flower stand at a pair of upcoming shows. The exhibitor is a breeding company of cut flowers and pot plants, based in the Netherlands. They are promoting a new garden plant line with extreme flowering: the Power Flower.

In Holland and Germany, they use an in-house flower power van. They are looking for a similar vehicle in the UK to use at the QVC and Gardeners World Live events on 6-9 April and 13-17 June respectively. They have a pick-up/doka at home, but a T1 or similar would be perfect for their purposes. They will place static-cling stickers (no glue, so no damage) and place plants all around it.

The lovely Martine van Went tells me: “At events it is mostly required to remove fuel and dismantle the battery. Since we are working from the Netherlands it would be most ideal if the vehicle can be delivered and picked up.” The company is not expecting this to be free, just cheaper than bringing their own T1 across the North Sea.

Share this, spread it, send it everywhere you think there may be people. Potential candidates can drop me a mail to john@johndglynn and I’ll send it on. If we sort anything out, I’ll update the message here. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.