April 17, 2014

January Porsche Sales up 25%: Europe Still Struggling

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Porsche has just sent out global sales figures for January. Stuttgart delivered a grand total of 12,061 cars through the first month of 2013: a 25% increase on last year.

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“The new year started very well for us,” says Bernhard Maier, of Porsche AG’s sales and marketing board. “We have an attractive model range, so we have reason to be optimistic for 2013. Still, we continue to observe all markets attentively so as to be able to react quickly.”

America did well, up 30% for the month at 3,358 units. China continued its march towards largest-market status with a 40% rise year-on-year. Europe is also trending upwards, though growth in monthly totals for the UK and Germany lag behind other European countries. Europe finished up 9% overall.

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SMMT data for the UK shows 444 Porsche cars were registered in January, up 8.56% on January 2012. Carrera 4S has just come out, so I wonder if new-model demos make up anything of this rise; it didn’t feel like a busy sales month from discussions I have had around the place.

Bentley, BMW and Mercedes all lagged behind Porsche in UK year-on-year progress. Parent company VW saw UK registrations fall year-on-year against a market trending upwards at 11.5%, so how will the giant direct its resources across the next twelve months? Interesting.

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All the big brands will say the luxury market remains under pressure, and this is not the time of year for sports cars, but watch what happens when new Cayman hits the UK roads this spring. New Cayman media launch is kicking off in Portugal soon: expect a UK media push with Cayman stories in the usual places.

Whether talk makes a difference to short & medium term Cayman sales here is worth tracking, but new Cayman may remain under-appreciated beyond the inevitable launch excitement. For whatever reason, it just doesn’t feel to have ever properly connected with the broader church. A brilliant Porsche that has not yet pulled the numbers: common opinion seems to pin that on lack of race support from the factory. Be interested to know your thoughts.

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