Mighty Motor Media manages marketing and promotion for specialist Porsche and classic car businesses. Our clients trust us to keep their brands in the public eye, share the services they offer and build public trust and confidence in their expertise. We make more money for our customers.

Social Media Marketing Promotion

Business owners often fear promotion. Fear of negative feedback, fear of competition, fear of changing the way things have always been done or even fear of success.

Mighty Motor Media takes away the fear. By turning to real-time analytical data – key audience information from your existing commercial offerings – we learn what is and is not happening on your road to business success and agree measurable steps to address any weaknesses.

Solutions include training and development, implementing basic good website foundations, improving Google ratings for existing web content, adding bespoke content aimed at improving engagement and building marketing campaigns to help drive brand awareness.

Content Marketing and Social Media Engagement

Content is the stuff found all over your website and social media pages: text, pictures, videos and the rest. To be equally useful for customers and search engines alike, it needs to be created and curated by expert copywriters and editors. Website builders do not always know how to do this.

Engagement is the number of people who read your expertly-created content and connect with it. They may share your advice or point of view with their social network, take you up on a special offer or add their name to your mailing list. Engagement takes many forms, and it is critical to building a brand.

Brand Awareness

Awareness is how many potential customers connect your business with qualities they value. By building engaging content that is well represented on search engines, you add awareness to your marketing that basic advertising cannot match.

Everything Mighty Motor Media does for its clients focuses on the need for engaging content that drives awareness. We prove it works using illuminating web data and you feel the benefit through increased turnover.

Invest in Quality Support and Promotion

Why spent ¬£1000 a month on advertising which you can’t be sure is improving your business? Our rates are much lower, for marketing expertise that immediately improves your business prospects. By making more people aware of your business and why they should use you, turnover goes up. Our work usually pays for itself!

Leading UK car brands in long-term relationships with Mighty Motor Media include Tuthill Porsche, JZM Porsche, Specialist Vehicle Preparations, EB Motorsport and Racing Restorations. We also have private clients in other niche service arenas who depend on our help to promote their services.

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