Social Media Marketing

Prices for print marketing continue to rise, but the medium is in steady decline. Allocating a majority of marketing budget towards print ads makes less sense than ever: online marketing reaches your customers where they spend most of their time, and do most of their research.

Studies prove that people now spend more time on digital devices than they do in their beds! This makes a digital marketing strategy essential. Social media is key to strong online content marketing and outperforms traditional forms of PR and promotion in a number of ways:

  • Speed: Message today, sell today. Shift stock and sell workshop space. No ridiculous schedules weeks in advance
  • Frequency: build channels that communicate brand values on a regular basis
  • Ownership: you own your audience – no sharing a magazine with 200 other advertisers
  • Cost: dropping one print ad at ¬£500 a month buys you a digital marketing & social media professional
  • Fun: talking to devoted fans and followers every day is great for business morale
  • Understanding: how better to understand the arena you work in than by talking to enthusiasts daily?

Want to understand your customers and build a devoted, long-term audience? Go social. Ask your friends how much time they spend reading printed magazines every month versus how much time they spend online. There is no comparison.