April 21, 2014

Social Media Marketing: The Best in Motorsport

Posted on November 23, 2011 by in PR & Marketing

Mighty Motor Media is enjoying a great finish to 2011. All of our clients are enjoying terrific success, and all appreciate our efforts in helping to make it happen.

Race4Change is finally off the starting blocks and rallying the 2011 East African Safari Classic, to raise awareness of microfinance as a means to empower women. We’ve got one driver in the lead (WaldegĂ„rd), one driver in fifth place (Funk) and, though Travis Pastrana has had a few issues, he has been running as high as sixth and has brought millions of eyeballs to the cause.

Website hits have risen more than tenfold since the rally started. Feeding and growing that appetite is what we are on board to do. I’m working with Wasserman Media in LA to push social media and blog messaging and build the audience, encouraging people to get involved and donate to the Race4Change.

According to Twitter, Race4Change has been mentioned on Twitter 130+ times, reaching over 850,000 people in the last 24 hours. Our Facebook insights page shows that the brand has been exposed to almost 630,000 friends of fans from this one page. Add in the 300K headcount reach from my Porsche blog FB page, and the traffic generated by media shares, and you are certainly approaching a potential audience of two million from simple Facebook fan pages.

Then add in the 3 million+ followers Travis Pastrana brings to the party, and the huge audiences his sponsors Red Bull and DC Shoes have behind them and you are past ten million friends of fans.

Regardless of how you look at it, social media marketing is the best for motorsport. Nothing is as immediate and nothing is as viral. NOTHING.

Mighty Motor Media can oversee your entire motorsport social marketing campaign, or we can subcontract on a content creation basis to operations anywhere in the world. If we can blog a rally in a communication blackspot, we can do it anywhere! Email us to discuss your social media marketing plans, or call me on +44 77911 19151.

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