Expert Witness Services

Mighty Motor Media is regularly instructed as an Expert Witness or Single Joint Expert for civil cases including matrimonial disputes


Expert Witness Services

I am frequently instructed by solicitors as a Single Joint Expert (mostly in divorce and family matters) or as an Expert Witness in other civil cases). I have also provided reports to Trading Standards in criminal prosecutions. All work for the UK Courts is to the appropriate procedural rules and practice guidelines and all enquiries are treated in confidence.

As a vetted member of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses, my work conforms to the appropriate Procedure Rules: CPR Part 35 or FPR Part 25. I can provide estimates and further details of experience on request. Find more information below: contact me with any queries.

Mr John Glynn

Expert Witness Case Studies

Much of my work is quite straightforward: inspecting cars and valuing them as assets to help reach a divorce settlement or an estate valuation in the case of probate. Sometimes, however, the valuation questions are more complicated. I enjoy simple and complex cases.

Reputational Damage and Loss of Trade

I was retained as an Expert Witness by a UK insurer in a case alleging reputational damage to a car dealer from materials posted on a website owned by the insurer’s client. The insurer brought me in after joint legal costs topped ¬£100,000. I carried out a Loss of Trade investigation that led to both sides agreeing to drop the case.

Diminution of Value

This was a case where a rare sportscar was written off while in the care of a prestige car dealer. My work centred on calculating the difference between what the dealer had been forced to pay to keep its customer happy and what the car was now likely to sell for. This was a complex report accounting for a lot of variables.

HMRC NOVA Valuation - rare Russian motorcycle

This was a NOVA valuation for import of a very rare Russian-made motorcycle. The value was quite low, but there was very little market data available. HMRC needed concrete evidence of the valuation, which I supplied in the form of a historic value comparator exercise.

Agreed Insurance Valuation dispute

I was retained as an Expert Witness by a UK insurer. The insurer was in dispute with a client who accepted the insurer’s opinion on Agreed Value for his classic car insurance but, when the car was later involved in a total loss claim, called the insurer’s opinion into question. This was an interesting case involving very high values.

SJE Divorce Valuation - Misrepresentation

Working as a Single Joint Expert in divorce cases is amongst my favourite work. The SJE’s role is as the Court’s eyes on the ground. The work is interesting and challenging, as judges are highly intelligent and do not suffer fools. One recent SJE case involved painting a more accurate picture of the situation for the judge, as the scenario described in my instructions was not entirely accurate.

Disputed Sale of a Rare Racing Vehicle

I was retained as an Expert Witness by a private party in dispute with a garage that had sold his rare racing car while it was in storage. Communications on both sides had left much to be desired and there was little evidence of the car’s actual specification to work with. This interesting case was settled in mediation.

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