The new 911R is the latest low-volume special edition to be marketed using Porsche’s race heritage, but the desire to replicate the original air-cooled 911R is still strong amongst enthusiasts, says EB Motorsport. The Yorkshire Porsche parts and bodywork manufacturer has experienced a steady stream of enquiries for its lightweight 911R body panel set from Porsche fans worldwide since mid-2015.

“The original 911R is an important car in Porsche history and there is great interest in this rare Porsche racer amongst enthusiasts,” says EB Motorsport boss, Mark Bates. “Our full 911R body panel kits substantially reduce the weight of an early 911, so restoring a SWB car which may have rusty body panels using our 911R panels is a straightforward way to go about building a great racing car, an entertaining road car or both.”

Several European specialists have 911Rs in build, but most enquiries have come from America, where forgotten SWB 911s are still being unearthed. EB’s US distributor, Rothsport Racing in Oregon, is a leading light in the vintage motorsport scene. Having witnessed the success for Japanese drivers using EB’s 911R parts on track versus lighter cars like the Lotus Elan, Rothsport actively promotes the benefits of lightweight 911R builds to keen would-be racers.

“Like so many other EB parts, we started building 911R kits when there was nothing else out there. Now we can supply everything seen on our own 911R, including Deep 6 and 7-inch Fuchs, engine covers with external hinges, front wings with integrated side lights and turn signals, lightweight roof and rear quarter panels and complete lightweight doors with optional aluminium hinges. Historic racing is an incredibly competitive arena, so we believe lightweight 2-litre 911s will become ever more popular as drivers chase maximum performance within vintage racing regulations.”

The full range of EB Motorsport parts, including high quality reproduction Fuchs wheels, high butterfly and slide throttles, rare oil pump housings, enlarged RSR oil tanks and more is on the website at