Digital Marketing Mastery

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” -Zig Ziglar

Building Brands on Community

Self-employment comes with incredible rewards, but countless challenges await those who set out to do their own thing in today’s crowded landscape. Having skills and a vision is just one part of it, late nights are another. While most businesses start with some clients on board, eventually the firm must go out and find new customers. Doing this cost-effectively requires a consistent, authentic and easily executable marketing strategy.

The ever-changing social media landscape and consolidation of the print media industry and other forms of advertising has led to a sea change in how businesses recruit and nurture customers. Nothing sells a business better than personal recommendation, so converting long-term customers into willing evangelists is more important than ever. Building that willingness is the cornerstone of my marketing methodology.

My business philosophy was shaped by working closely with my father – a successful musician who grew his passion into a chain of music shops staffed by musicians – and my grandfather – a railwayman and union leader who could imagine nothing finer than a community of individuals working together.

Community development is therefore at the heart of my marketing practice. Community building powered my corporate career, continues to drive my personal business projects and has always underpinned my client marketing approach.

Almost twenty years as a specialist online marketer and community builder backed up by forty years of customer-facing experience has honed my skillset in marketing and brand development. My input has helped shoot several brands to global attention and clients benefit from my wide-ranging commercial experience in many other ways.

As an experienced freelancer, company director, professional seller, respected journalist, published writer and qualified photographer, principled Expert Witness and classic car and motorcycle collector, I support enterprise with hard-earned business acumen, energetic marketing strategies and engaging media content.

I count my clients as friends and build win-win relationships. My expertise is proven to increase enquiry levels and customer engagement. Contact me to consult on messaging strategies, marketing transformations and ways to integrate real community values and opportunities into your messaging, to tell your story to its fullest potential.