Customer feedback on my valuations

Hi John, thank you for your highly detailed report. The time invested is obvious and appreciated. I have filed the report with the court today and will keep your details for future cases. Best regards.

Solicitor in Kent

Single Joint Expert Valuation of Classic Cars for Divorce

Dear John, thank you for your swift response and detailed report at short notice. Your assistance today ahead of court tomorrow is much appreciated by all.

Solicitor in Warwick

Single Joint Expert Divorce Valuation

Hi John, thank you for your assistance, I will certainly keep you in mind for any future work. We were very impressed by your report. I appreciate the work that has gone into it!

Solicitor in Bristol

Single Joint Expert Divorce Valuation

John, thank you very much for the report. I am extremely pleased with it and your very helpful advice. Now I have the documentation to move things along and do justice to the bikes and my father. Thanks once again for your hard work and professionalism.

Andy in Birmingham

Probate Valuation of Motorcycle Collection

Thanks John for your excellent reports. I will keep in contact, as we will be selling the bikes when probate has been finalised and I would definitely appreciate your input on this. All the best.

Damien in East Sussex

Probate Valuation of Motorcycle Collection

Good morning John, many thanks for the excellent and interesting report. I have sent a bit extra to your account as I appreciate the additional time spent. It has really helped.

Tony in Surrey

Part Exchange/Depreciation Valuation on Porsche 991

Thanks John for your help on the phone and quick turnaround of the final report. All the best.

Stephen in Derry

Probate Valuation of Motorcycles

Thank you for the valuation, John. I think it is a fair judgement and well written summary. If ever you are in the area it would be great to meet you and for me to show you this very special car! I have forwarded your report to the insurance company. Thanks again.

Jeremy in Goodwood

Agreed Insurance Valuation on Series 1 Jaguar E-Type

Hi John, many thanks for getting this back so quickly. Your market commentary is encouraging and I am very happy with the figure. I will send it to the insurer and ask them to amend the agreed value accordingly.
Nick in London

Classic Car Agreed Insurance Valuation

Thanks John, we are very happy with your valuation and I have sent the fee to your account this morning. Hope that you stay well during these trying times.
David in Manchester

Agreed Insurance Valuation on Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

Dear John, thanks for your email and revised valuation on the Mini Cooper. We will be in touch when the need arises to revalue the Rolls Royce for insurance. Stay well.
Nicky in Herefordshire

Classic Car Agreed Insurance Valuation

John, thanks for your excellent valuation report. It is fantastic and interesting reading all the details it contains and I have learned quite a few new points about my Vespa. I will send your report to HMRC and I hope to get my NOVA reference and VAT liability sorted.
Otto in Surrey

HMRC NOVA Valuation on rare early Vespa scooter

This report is excellent, thanks John! Really appreciate your prompt response. More than happy to recommend you to others. Many thanks again.
Obe in Hertfordshire

Classic Car Agreed Insurance Valuation - Aston Martin

Hi John. This report is incredibly helpful, and I can see how much work you have put into the valuation. I am enormously grateful – thank you so much – and Dad will be delighted, I’m sure.
Karen in Ipswich

Agreed Insurance Valuation on modified Jaguar E-Type FHC

Hi John, Hope all is good with you. Just letting you know that your excellent report was immediately accepted by Peter James Insurance. Nothing more needed.
David in Middlesex

Classic Car Agreed Insurance Valuation - Porsche 930

Hi John. Many, many thanks for these. I’m completely at ease with the valuations and happy with your judgements. I’ll send them to the insurers and hopefully shut the buggers up!
Gina in Newcastle

Agreed Insurance Valuation on modified Porsche 911s

Many thanks John. This is very comprehensive indeed. The MOT history is a real window on the car’s history – I do not remember ever seeing/reading them before!
John in Reading

Classic Car Agreed Insurance Valuation

Hello John, many thanks for the very well informed, comprehensive, fair and glowing valuation of the Porsche. Much appreciated!
Graham in Aberdeen

Agreed Insurance Valuation on Porsche 911 GT3

Hi John. Thank you very much for valuing the bike. It has given me great peace of mind. I appreciate the information and your help.
Mary in Devon

Agreed Insurance Valuation - Triumph Tiger Motorcycle

John, thanks very much for all the hard work there. Sorry for the brain melting element, I know how that feels! Very happy with the valuations and will forward them on to the insurer.
Aidan in Edinburgh

Agreed Insurance Valuations for modified Harley Davidsons

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