Too many small business owners fail to invest in quality content, whether created by a capable person in house or a well priced digital marketing agency, such as Mighty Motor Media. Underinvestment in any relationship – professional or personal – will inevitably lead the relationship down the path of failure.

What does good digital marketing content look like? You probably already know the answer. Good content looks like somebody sat down and thought about what they were trying to say. It comes across as effortless. It shows an expert at work. It shares a positive message. It leaves a good feeling. It makes the user want to see more.

You can spend all the money you want on photographers, videos and great copywriting, but if the message looks fake or forced, it will fall flat. The most effective content is authentic, forming part of a line of authenticity. It speaks in the same tone as users have come to appreciate and feel welcomed by. It builds on a reputation established over time.

The key ingredient in social media marketing is consistency. If your brand delivers a consistently high level of service offline, then it must do the same in the digital space. The online and offline cultures must align: there is no room for a gap between what your brand offers offline, and how your brand is portrayed online.

When digital marketing professionals combine well-crafted marketing messages with the steady stream of positive images that users have chosen to interact with, this can have a very powerful effect on the perception of the business. It will have a noticeably positive effect on new and existing followers, and greatly enhance the reputation of the business.

As the brand’s reputation improves and the audience grows, the aim is to convert more of that audience into paying customers, which provides more content and amplifies the impact going forward.

By measuring the effect of what we are sharing using interaction and analytics data – whether this is instagram DMs, Facebook messages, phone calls to the business or traffic to the website – we can see how the content is moving the needle. When what is being shared moves the needle consistently, this is what good content looks like.