Classic 911s on ice! That’s the irresistible ingredient of Below Zero Ice Driving: the unique Scandinavian ice driving experience run by FIA R-GT Cup champions and East African Safari Classic Rally winners, Tuthill Porsche.

With previous attendees including F1’s Carlos Sainz, World Rally Champion, Stig Blomqvist, and Le Mans winner, Jan Lammers, the world’s top drivers flock to Tuthill’s eight-week driving school, held annually from January to March on the frozen lakes around the ski resort of Åre in Sweden.

Below Zero has also built a loyal following of enthusiastic amateur drivers, who come for instruction by some of Europe’s best rally drivers to sharpen their skills at the limits of control for fast road and track days, and to enjoy great times on the ice with friends.

“I love working with Below Zero because every client is different, with different goals and objectives according to ability,” says former World Production Rally Champion and Below Zero driving instructor, Martin Rowe. “Professional race and rally drivers hone their skills, while less experienced drivers focus on car control. Some novices only have one thing in mind: big skids in cool Porsche 911s! We cater for all these ambitions.”

“A 911 is arguably the best car in which to learn the art of weight transfer and vehicle dynamics, because it really makes you think,” says multiple rally champion and highly experienced motorsport test driver, Ryan Champion. “If you can drive a 911 well, you can drive any car well, so the skills we teach at Below Zero are absolutely transferable and great fun to learn.”

“Learning to drive a 911 sideways and in control on ice gives drivers incredible confidence to push all other cars harder in the wet or in slippery conditions, including the World’s fastest racing cars,” says Terry Kaby: former British Rally and BMW Saloon Car Champion and a hugely experienced works rally driver. “Everything we do on the ice is about developing driver feel: sensing how the balance is changing and what the car is doing. It’s a really enjoyable process.”

“Below Zero’s bespoke nature means that old and new guests are never repeating previous activities,” says former RAC Rally winner and ten-year Subaru WRC test driver, Dave Maslen. “Nothing compares to Below Zero for pure driving fun: we often laugh until we just can’t breathe. People leave Below Zero as better drivers and in a more relaxed frame of mind: it’s a terrific experience.”

“Below Zero is run on ice and instructed by talented rally drivers, but it’s not just a rally school and not just for experts,” explains Tim Scarff, the man in charge of Below Zero Ice Driving. “Some of the world’s most talented F1 and WEC racing drivers come here as the teaching is second to none: throttle control, steering and braking including left-foot for the more advanced. Regardless of skill level, our clients quickly work at the limit of control, building more precise driving that delivers better lap times on track and safer progress on road. There is no better place to develop speed and control than on ice.”

Learn more about Below Zero Ice Driving at Email Tim Scarff with any enquiries.